Knots Lesson 1 – TRAIN 1000 – Demonstration

This quiz is only for members of Train 1000. If you are a member of a different train, you should take the quiz titled “Knots Lesson 1 – Demonstration” instead.

You will need to be able to tie all of the knots in this lesson. You will need to practice a lot in order to do that. When you have mastered a knot. write you name on a sheet of paper, then lay your knot next to the piece of paper. Take a picture of the knot with the piece of paper, and upload it to answer each question. It will work BEST if you get all of the pictures of the knots ready before you take the quiz. The list of knots is below

Square Knot – Half Hitch/2 Half hitches – Clove Hitch – Timber Hitch – Sheet Bend – Bowline – Cow Hitch – Slip Knot

Please note that although the quiz might say you got 100%, and give points, your upload will be evaluated and your score might change, at that time.

To upload your pictures, click on browse, then find the picture on your device, then click on UPLOAD, then click Next to go to the next question. After completing all 8, click on Finish.

Make sure that you upload the right picture to the right quiz question.

Watch for the type of Knot to tie, below this line.

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