Start a TRAIN

Bring Lutheran Pioneers to your church.


Starting (or restarting) a Lutheran Pioneer Group (Train) is a lot easier than you might think. And, we have good news for you—your interest means you've already accomplished the hardest part—finding an adult who is willing to take on this project!

Our groups are still called Trains due to the original structure of the organization. Your congregation may even have an existing Train Number! We'll provide you with that after your simple online registration.

How much does it cost?


This is usually one of the first questions we're asked. For Lutheran Pioneers, it's important that our fee structure accommodates both large and small groups and prevents any negative effect on your local activity. Because of this commitment, your first year is completely free.

After that, the fee for the program is $20 per boy each year with a $200 cap for each group. Different congregations pay the fee in various ways; some raise money, some collect the fee from each participant, and others simply add the fee as an item on the congregation's budget.

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