Family Adventure Days Feedback Questionnaire

Family Adventure Days Feedback Questionnaire

Thank you for attending Family Adventure Days 2022! We heard positive comments from many of you during the event. So that we may make better decisions and plans for the future, would you please complete the following survey?

When completing the survey, please consider the best responses for your whole family.

Please rate each of the following with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best

In what Activities did you OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS participate?
Of the items in the list below, which 5 were the best? (select 5)
Please select the most appropriate response

Our planning for 2023 has already begun.  We have multiple dates and configurations we are considering but seek your feedback about them.  One idea would begin the event on the weekend rather than end on the weekend.  There are also different weekends we are considering.  The next several questions are about these things.

Which weekend would be BEST?
Regardless of which is best, which weekend(s) would you attend? (Select all that would work)
Select the most appropriate response

While not required, it is most helpful if you provide your name.  Please use the space below (name or not) to tell us what you would say to someone who might be thinking about attending the event in the future, or to make any other comments you would like to share.