International Pine Car Derby Pre-registration

Pre-registration for the International Pine Car Derby is REQUIRED for all participants in the International Derby, even if attending in person. Pre-registration ensures an efficient and smooth-running event.

The registration process must be done for each car, individually. You may save a draft and come back to finish the process, but please only submit when you have completed ALL of the cars you are registering. USE THE TAB KEY TO MOVE to the next field, CLICK ADD to add another boy, ONLY AFTER you have ALL OF THE BOYS entered should you click on submit.


You will need the name, grade in school, and train number of each boy(car) that you are registering as well as whether it is for craft or for speed. (cannot be both). Only after you have entered ALL of the cars, should you click on the submit button. After you press submit, check your email. You should receive 2 separate emails with further instructions.

The cost to register is $8.00 per car

If you have problems – email –

or call 920-342-2612

International Pine Car Derby Pre-Registration

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