Midwest Regional Archery Camp

The Midwest Regional Archery Camp (MRAC) is an annual weekend long event for

Boys and Girls ages 3rd grade through 8th grade

(High School students are also welcomed as "junior leaders".)

The event is built around the sport of Archery (target and hunting) and is appropriate for both beginners and experienced archers.

Other activities include - BB Guns, Wrist Rockets, and more ...

The children develop friendships and memories that are priceless.  They will come home singing songs and excited to show you the souvenirs they have earned!

MRAC is held at Pineridge Campground just south of Plymouth WI, a facility that affords the opportunity to stay in tents, RV's, sleeping cabins, or a large communal "chalet".  The event is designed to accommodate individuals as well as Pioneer Trains or Caravans.  Adults are encouraged to attend in the "helper" capacity.  Adult helpers will be needed to help guide groups between activities or will be asked to help lead sessions in areas they feel qualified.

The event is held on the last full weekend of September.

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Safety First

At camp, safety is a top priority. No but's and's ifs about it. Camp opens with a safety discussion which covers everything you need to know to have fun in the sun (or rain) safely. Our range masters will keep a close eye on the children and will not tolerate any breach of safety. We are pleased to say that in the many years camp has been going, we have not had any activity related medical emergency.

Should an emergency occur, each group leader has been trained to get help. Every group will have both cellphones and walkie-talkies to call for help. In addition, we have multiple retired and active medical professionals at camp.


Our ranges have a variety of cardboard, paper, and foam targets in several locations at varying distances. The range masters will be carefully observing and coordinating the firing and retrieval of arrows. No one even touches a bow until everyone is behind the firing line.

Advanced Archery

This group is for the older kids who brought their own bow and arrows who have some experience in archery. WARNING If you don't hit the target, you will be searching the woods for your arrows, and may lose them enter at your own risk. That said, everyone who opts in to advanced archery and listens to Jason's advice will leave a better archer.


Pew-pew. Safety glasses are mandatory. All guns, even BB-guns are treated as always loaded, and precautions are taken to prevent muzzle flashing of any sort. Despite the safety lectures, Kids go nuts when they get here. There are always a wide variety of targets for you to shoot. All targets have been thoroughly ricochet-tested beforehand. In the past, we have had pop cans, balloons, spooky ghosts, splatter targets and more.


Sling shots at archery camp are a little bit more interesting than the average 'Y' shaped sticks and rocks. We use wrist rockets, which are y shaped metal with a brace for your wrist and rubber tubing attached to the pouch. In addition, we use ball bearings as ammo. All this is a recipe for destroying targets. Speaking of which, we like to change the targets up a bit each year, but the lineup often includes soda cans, clay pigeons, cardboard and more. Every year without fail the kids bring home (in Ziploc bags) shards of the clay pigeons they hit.

Fire Building

No 'boy scout water' allowed. Yep, we are going old school. The kids are tasked with building a fire. From spark to tinder to kindling, materials must be gathered, from nature, prepped and lit. For a spark, we have several options from flint & steel to 9V & steel wool or a gum wrapper?

Note from the author: you guys and gals might need to be creative. When I was a camper, my group used cardboard from the trash to start a fire in the rain.


S-talking is where one of our staff members dresses in full head to toe camo and hides in the woods. The kids have to find this person without the person hiding seeing them first. Once spotted by the staff member, the child must put a marker down and stop where they are at. This session comes with full explanation of blending into nature. Easier said than done!!! Kind of a crazy twist on hide and seek!!

Super Secret

Shhh... Its a secret

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