pine car derby
Pine Car Derby

Results of the 2021 International Pine Car Derby

Craft Grade 3 and under First Jackson Kaulitz
Second Mitchell Frederick
Third Jairo Palacios
Fourth Parker Pedde
Fifth JJ Garcia
Sixth Gage Smith
Craft Grades 4 to 6 First Jack Ford
Second Legree Lewis
Third Elias Scharon
Fourth Mathew Frederick
Fifth Jack Raatz
Sixth Noah Keel
Craft Grade 7 and up First Caleb Lemke
Second Hunter Schwaab
Third Stone Smith
Speed Grade 3 and under First Spencer Baumann
Second Isaac Verpoorten
Third Jacob Kannas
Fourth Luke Mortimer
Fifth Seth Josephitis
Sixth Aaron Mitchell
Speed Grades 4 to 6 First Seth Mierendorf
Second Fletcher Baumann
Third Job Verpoorten
Fourth Colton Meier
Fifth Malachi Rupnow
Sixth Jamison Bryan
Speed Grade 7 and up First Landon Czerwan
Second Sam Perry
Third Tyler Strauch
Fourth Zach Nelson
Fifth Jack Rupnow


Click the link below for the RULES of pine car building!!

International Pine Car Building and Specs REV 10-14-19 

Tracks are commercially available, and LP may have information about tracks that are available from time to time from trains that no longer use them, or have purchased new ones.

Or ....  trains can build their own.  One set of plans that CAN be used is at the link below.

Track Plan Specs