Pine Car Derby

Compete against other Pioneers to take home the trophy this April!

Boys qualify for this event by placing well in their district or train derbies.  All districts may send up to 6 cars for craft and up to 6 cars for speed, regardless of how many trains they have, but districts with more than 6 active trains may send 1 car for each active train for craft and 1 car for each active train for speed.  Trains that do not have a district race may send 1 car for craft and 1 car for speed.

The entry fee for those boys that qualify is $8.00


Click the link below for the RULES of pine car building!!

International Pine Car Building and Specs REV 10-14-19 

Revised International Pine Car Date Information

As you know, we had to postpone the 2020 International Pine Car Derby due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and by order of the Wisconsin Governor’s Office. At the time, we were forced to make a decision on postponing or canceling this yearly Pine Car event. The National Pioneer Board of Directors and the International Pine Car Chairman were determined to hold this event sometime in the future, when it made sense. We decided that the best time to hold the postponed International Pine Car Derby is on Sunday July 19th, at Family Adventure Days, which will be held at Pineridge Camp In Waldo, WI, July 15th – 19th. Please go to for more details on Family Adventure Days!

International Pine Car Details

  • The Derby at Pineridge is the 2020 International Boy’s Pine Car Derby. There will be no other derby sponsored by National Lutheran Boy Pioneers this year. The Girl Pioneers will not be involved in this Derby as they are doing their own Derby this year. Contact the Girl Pioneer Office directly for more information about the Girls Derby.
  • We will be racing and craft judging using the usual Pine Car Grade Classes we normally use during the International Pine Car Derby. These classes will be for those who had a chance to qualify as normally done through a District Race or Train race that had no District.
  • We will also be adding another Class to the Derby, called the Campfire Class. If a boy was not able to qualify because local district or train derbies were cancelled, then all of those boys can enter in the Campfire Class, which will be a part of the 2020 International Pine Car Derby. The cars in the Campfire Class will race and be craft judged just like the cars in the normal A, B, and C Classes. This class is for all boys who have not been able to qualify, in any way, for the International Pine Car Derby. This means boys who have not been able to participate in any Local Train derby or District Derby. This includes boys who are now a part of the virtual Train 1000.
  • Preregistration is required per the information listed below.
  • In-person check in will start at 10:30 AM on Sunday the 19th to verify weight, size, and legal car specifications.
  • The 2020 International Boy’s Pine Car derby will start between 12:00 and 1:00 PM, depending on site readiness.
  • All Speed Cars will be raced at the same time, in qualifying heats, then separated into finals per Class – A, B, C, Campfire
  • We will be using our International Derby track.
  • All Craft Cars will be judged by individual Classes - A, B, C, Campfire
  • There will be trophies for all Classes in Speed and Craft
  • Cars that have prequalified at a district race may be mailed in, if the boy cannot attend the International Pine Car Derby, as per past years.
  • No Campfire Class cars may be shipped.       These cars must be brought to the event by the participant. The Campfire Class is an in-person, day-of participation only Class.


International Pine Car Registration

  • All Cars, Classes A, B, C, and Campfire must preregister
  • The registration deadline is July 1st, 2020. (Unless already prearranged with the International Boy’s Pine Car Derby Chairman)
  • Registration is done via the Boy Pioneer Web Site Click on Events, then Pine Car Derby for Registration
  • District’s that have held their 2020 Derby should register qualifying pine cars just like past years, but now via the Lutheran Pioneer Web Site.
  • All mail-in cars must be received by July 1st, 2020. Mail-in cars can be shipped to: Randy Vosberg, 5118 Honey Creek Road, East Troy, WI 53120 (the mail-in option is only available to those that prequalified at a district race or train race for those trains that have no district, if the boy cannot attend the International Pine Car Derby)
  • Mail-in cars should be shipped together as a district shipment whenever possible to reduce shipment costs! The return address must be enclosed in the package.

International Pine Car Derby Pre-registration

Other Information

  • There will be a practice/fun track set up potentially as well, with some fun things that surround this track throughout Family Adventure Days. (Lego Cars, bring your own Legos!) We have the wheel kits to make them go down the track.       Bring you own legos.
  • There will be no concessions available at the 2020 International Boy’s Pine Car Derby, please bring your own picnic lunch.
  • Please consider joining us for all or some of Family Adventure Days! There will be fun activities, great food, and fantastic Christian Fellowship! Please go to for more details on Family Adventure Days!
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available for use, and appropriate distancing will be observed when possible.
  • The Derby Location/Address – Camp Pineridge – is

Pine Ridge Campground

W5132 County Road N
Waldo, WI 53093-1401





Tracks are commercially available, and LP may have information about tracks that are available from time to time from trains that no longer use them, or have purchased new ones.

Or ....  trains can build their own.  One set of plans that CAN be used is at the link below.

Track Plan Specs