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How does this work?

As a member of our virtual train, Train 1000, you may begin working on the elements below on your own.  Study the Lesson, then take the quiz.  Most of the quizzes will be graded automatically right on the website.  Some items require some demonstration, and may require you to upload a photo or file of your work.  If you are asked to upload a photo, you will need to write your first and last name on a sheet of paper, and include that sheet of paper in the photo you upload.  (Example: If you are asked to demonstrate building a TeePee fire in a Fire Building Demonstration quiz, you would take just one picture.  In that one picture we should be able to see the TeePee fire and the sheet with your name.  After we see your uploaded picture we, will let you know to mark the Demonstration quiz or not via email or other method of letting you know that the demonstration was successful.

It not hard at all,

Get started.

We will be adding to this list of topics, but this is where you start.   Lutheran Pioneers has 5 levels.  These Levels are Hiker - Backpacker, Climber, Outdoorsman, and Adventurer.  Each level has a series of required Topics of fun things to learn and do.  Each level also has an associated list of Elective Topics of more fun things to learn and do.  In order to finish a level you have to complete all of the Required Topics, and a certain number of the Elective Topics.  The higher levels like Outdoorsman and Adventurer have more Elective Topics and fewer Required Topics, while the lower levels, like Hiker and Backpacker have more Required Topics and Fewer Elective Topics.

We want to get you started NOW, so we are only showing the Hiker Requirements, and Hiker Electives right now.

When enough of you awesome guys from Train 1000 are ready, we will open up the next level.

To complete the Hiker level, you will have to learn all 11 off the Topics under Hiker Requirements, and at least 7 of the 13 Topics listed under Hiker Electives.  That is a total of 18 things.

If you have a question, and need some help, you can email or for help.

Get Started and have a blast.  We can't wait to start helping!!!

Hiker – Required Lessons

Finish all the lessons in this course to complete the Hiker level. AND you must also complete 7 of the 13 lessons in the Hiker Electives.

Hiker – Elective Lessons

Complete any 7 of these 13 lessons to fulfill your Hiker Elective requirements.