Learning How to Fly an RC Plane

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Now that you have mastered the requirements in Level 1 on the simulator it is time to fly a real RC plane. The next step after the simulator is flying for real. This means that you need to purchase you first RC plane.

There are 3 excellent planes for beginners, the WildHawk, SuperCub and EasyStar. Each has their own pros and cons, so read the descriptions about each plane, but all of them are good planes for beginners. Don’t be put off by the price. Cheap RC planes from unknown manufacturers give the hobby a bad name. They often have poor quality and they don’t work. Some cheap planes only have 2 channels so flying is almost impossible even for the most skilled pilots. The cheap planes turn beginners off to this hobby. If you really want to succeed with the hobby you should definitely invest in a decent first plane. The planes below are excellent choices and you can read the positive views on the internet. These planes have brushed motors, which are not as powerful as brushless motors, making the aircraft easier to handle for beginners.

RTF Wild Hawk 54″ Electric 3-Channel Radio Remote Control RC Airplane Ready to Fly w/ EPP Fuselage and Wings

Similar to the Easy Star with its pusher design, meaning the propeller’s at the back so it won’t get damaged in crashes. Made of durable EPP foam and also comes with detachable landing gear. This plane can be fitted with a brush less motor for better performance, once you’re ready to advance.

Easy Star Electric, RTF (colors may vary)

Made of out the strongest foam, elapor, the Easy Star is probably one of the best planes for beginners. This plane is easily upgradeable once you’re ready to advance. This plane does not come with landing gear.

Hobby Zone HBZ4800 Mini Super Cub RTF

This is the cheapest plane of the 3. Propeller at the front can get damaged in bad landings. It comes with landing gear and anti-crash technology, which pulls the plane up if you find yourself in a violent nose dive.

Hobby King: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__433__191__Planes_Parts-Beginner_Trainer.html

Hobby King has many planes for the beginner that range from around $70 to $160. Take a look at them and compare them to what is listed above and purchase one that fits your budget. I know the first two planes are out of stock and may be no longer sold but the design and specifications pertain to beginners. I referenced Hobby King above only because they have a large selection. I do not have any financial interest in this company or know of anyone who does.

Once you have purchased your plane you will have to assemble it and charge the batteries. Take your time and follow all directions. Your first plane you will always remember so you need to take the time and assemble it correctly. If the assembly is not done right, the plane may not fly. After you purchased your beginner plane, it is very important that you remember the following important points.

1 – Make sure your batteries are fully charged. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the field and realizing that you can’t fly.

2 – Check that the center of gravity is correct. If it’s wrong it can cause the plane to handle very abnormally and will likely end in a crash.

3 – Choose a flying area away from houses, people, trees etc. You don’t want to damage any property or hurt anyone.

4 – Fly with an experienced pilot but don’t fly with friends/family, they will distract you. The added pressure of friends will put you off.

5 – Launch the plane into the wind, as it creates more lift.

6 – Try to keep the plane close to you, don’t let it get out of view. You’ll struggle to see which way the aircraft is pointing if the plane is too far away. You could also lose the radio signal.

7 – Fly at a reasonable speed. Increase your speed with confidence.

8 – Land into the wind. This will allow you to land a lot more slowly.

Flying the RC plane you need to master:

Take offs


Right turns

Left Turns

Figure 8’s

Flying away from you

Flying at you

All flight must be smooth

After you have mastered all this flying the RC plane you will be ready to move on to the next level in the Aviation program.

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