Budgeting Lesson 3

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In the first level we planned for and budgeted a meal for one person and then for a weekend of camping. This next level we are going to expand this to cover all the costs for a weekend campout. You will have to plan for and stay within a budget. You will need to figure in the costs for getting the people to the camping location, the cost of the campsite, the cost of food, other activities you may want to do while camping, and the cost to get the people home. You will have a total of 10 people for the entire weekend.

Budget Preparation

The weekend includes the following meals:

Friday – Evening meal

Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meals Sunday – Breakfast

Location is going to be a State Park:

You are going to need 2 Campsites

You will need 2 vehicles to transport the camping supplies and people. You will want a campfire each night. (You will need to buy wood.)

The tents and cooking supplies you own already

One campsite costs $15 per day. (a day is from 3 PM one day to 1 PM the next) Park pass costs $12 per day per vehicle. (this is a calendar day)

The park is 100 miles from your home.

It costs $0.55 per mile to operate a vehicle.

Fire wood costs $5 a bundle (a bundle will burn for 3 hours)


Breakfast – No cereal

Evening meal – Must be completely different between the two days You must have all the food groups at each meal

Your budget is $650.

Plan out what you are going to serve and the needed quantity of each item. Go to your local grocery store and find out what the cost would be for all the meals.

Using the template that was given in Level 1, detail the costs for the entire weekend for food and drinks.

Drinks need to be provided even during non-eating period so that you stay hydrated. Provide a detailed cost estimate for the entire weekend of camping.

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