Knots Lesson 3

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Trilene Knot

Pass the tag end of the line through the eye twice.

Wrap it around the standing end five or six times.

Thread the end through the original loop beside the eye.

Lubricate and pull the knot tight. Trim the end, but not too short.

This is a good quick and strong fishing knot.

Snell Knot

(Note: an eye bolt is being used for this demonstration as an actual hook would be too small.) Pass the end of the leader through the eye

…and then through again in the same direction.

Grip the eye and both parts of the line. Wrap the loop around the shank of the hook 7 or 8 times. (4 times was used for this demonstration)

Shrink the loop by pulling on the standing end.

Lubricate and pull both ends to tighten the knot and trim the end.

Perfection Loop

Form a loop in the end of the line.

Form a second loop and lay it on top of the first with the tag end under the standing end.

Pass the tag end between the two loops.

Pull the top loop through the bottom loop.

Lubricate and tighten by pulling on the standing end and the new loop. Trim the end.

Non-Slip Mono Loop

Tie a loose overhand knot and pass the tag end through the eye,

then back through the overhand knot.

Wrap the tag end around the standing end about five times

and back through the overhand knot.

Lubricate, tighten, and trim the end.

Albright Knot

Form a loop in one line (Black, or thicker if unequal).

Pass the end of the other (Red, thinner) line through the loop

and wrap it neatly around itself and the loop 10 times.

Then pass the end back through the loop next to itself.

Lubricate, pull the knot tight, and trim the ends.

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