Lashing Lesson 1

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But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” John 20:31

What is the tie that holds man and God together? The answer is FAITH-Faith created in our hearts by the Word of God. The thing that strengthens this tie (Faith) is God’s Word in the Bible. Some men think that they can strengthen the tie between themselves and God by leading a better life. Others think they can learn the truth about God by looking elsewhere. But as John 20:31 says, “These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God”. May you often use that tie that binds to strengthen your faith and keep Christ uppermost in your daily life.

Round Lashing

Used to lash two poles together (constructing a flagpole). Tie a clove hitch round the bottom pole.

Wind the rope around both six or seven times. Finish with two half hitches round both poles.

The lashing can be tightened by driving a small wooden peg between the poles.

If possible force a wedge under the lashings to make them really tight. If the spars are vertical, bang the wedge in downwards.

Shear Lashing

A sheer lashing is often used to bind adjacent poles together. It is also a good way to reinforce a broken or weak pole. The frapping turns used to tighten the lashing may be omitted and replaced with wedges inserted between the poles.

A loose Sheer Lashing made around the ends of two poles will allow the poles to be opened out and used as an A-frame. It can also be used to form a tripod just like the Figure-of-eight lashing.

  1. Lay out the poles.

For most lashings you will want to lay the poles side by side with the butt ends aligned (thicker ends).

  • Tie a clove hitch around one of the outside poles and secure the standing part by wrapping it around the running part (or trap it under the first turns).
  • Pass the rope around the poles to form a first turn.
  • Pulling each turn tight made a series of turns until the lashing is at least as long as the combined diameters of the two poles (usually a set of 4 to 6 turns will be sufficient).
  • Tighten the lashing with a frapping turn by taking the rope down between two poles at one end of the turns. This should be difficult to do if the turns have been pulled tightly (as they should be).
  • Bring the rope back up between the poles at the other end of the lashing and pull tight.
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times.
  • Start the second set of frapping turns by taking the rope around the center pole and frapping. Take the second set of frapping turns in the opposite direction to the first set.
  • Repeat for any additional poles.
  • Pass the rope once more between the poles then around one pole and tuck it under itself to form a half hitch. Pull this tight and make a second half hitch forming a clove hitch by taking the rope around the same pole and tucking it under itself.

Tripod Lashing

In tripod lashing, you will generally be working with three poles to form the tripod. Lay the poles together side by side. Make a Clove Hitch around one of the poles. Bring the line over and under the poles five to seven times using a figure-eight. In Shear Lashing you wrap the line around all poles. Now frap twice between each pole and finish with a Clove Hitch around one of the poles. When frapping tripods, it is important to leave the line loose so you can form the tripod. As you make more of them you will become an expert on just how loose the fraps should be.

Lashing Level – 1 Requirements:

  1. Lash two poles together to form one long pole.
  2. Lash together 3 poles to form a Teepee to go over a camp fire.
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