Lashing Lesson 2

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Square Lashing
Square lashings are used to bind together two spars that are at right angles with one another. Place the poles on the ground in the shape of a cross. Tie a clove hitch around the bottom pole near the crosspiece. Twist the free end of the rope around its standing part and tuck it out of the way.

Square Lashing Used for joining 2 spars

  • Start with a clove hitch at the bottom of the upright spar. (a)
  • Twist the running end with the standing end, then (b)
  • wrap the rope around the poles, over and under. With each turn, the rope goes outside the previous turn on the cross piece and inside the previous turn on the upright (with the clove hitch). After 3 or 4 wrapping turns, (c & d)
  • make 2 frapping turns between the spars, pulling tight after each frapping turn. (e)
  • finish with 2 half hitches to form a clove hitch, on the cross piece (f)

Diagonal Lashing

  1. Begin with a timber hitch to draw the spars together. (a)
    1. Pull the knot at right angles and wrap the rope three times around the spars, keeping the rope tight all the time. (b)
    1. Wrap three more turns, this time over the timber hitch. (c)
    1. Apply two frapping turns to pull tight the rope turns.
    1. Finish off with a clove hitch. (d)

Lashing Level 2 Requirements

1  – Square Lashing

  • – Diagonal Lashing
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