Lashing Lesson 4

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Stabilizing Your Project

All Lutheran Pioneer projects using lashings must be safe and steady before being used. To insure this they must have triangles built into their design. A square will wobble in all directions. Triangles make it steady. There are three of these that you can use. They all use either the Square Lashing or Diagonal Lashing or both. No directions are needed, just use them to steady your lashing projects. They are called the A trestle, the X trestle, and the H trestle.

The proper usage of the different lashing techniques is also critical to the sustainability of your project. Take a look below and see where each technique was used to aid in the overall support of the project.

Lashing Level 4 Requirements

1) Build a chair that can support your own weight, is rigid, and uses the proper techniques throughout.

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