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Ladder lashing

Lashing – Level 5

Ladder lashing allows for a quick and secure method for constructing a ladder or for constructing a decking with evenly space decking pieces.

This form of lashing has several advantages over the traditional floor lashing. Less material is required because unlike floor lashing a space can be left between each piece of the decking.
Also, each rung is securely lashed in place by several loops of rope in much the same way as a square lashing; with the traditional floor lashing only a single loop of the rope holds each end of the decking in place, therefore if one piece loosens, the entire deck loosens.

The ladder lashing has two forms; left and right, each is a mirror image of the other.

Step 1:The ladder lashing is started by using a clove hitch stopped with two half hitches to secure a rope to the top end of each rail.

Step 2:Lay an overhand loop over each side rail so that the running end of each loop is to the

Step 3:Place a rung across the rails so that the standing part of each overhand loop is over the end of the rung and the running part of each overhand loop is under the rung.

Step 4:Pull the running part side of each overhand loop behind and to the outside of each rail.

Step 5:Then pull the loop over the end of the rung.

Step 6:Work each rope until it is tightened around the rung and the rung is in its desired position.

Step 7:Form an overhand loop in each running part.

Step 8:Place an overhand loop over each end of the rung to form a half hitch around each end of the rung.

Step 9:Work the half hitch tight

Step 10:Repeat steps 1 through 8 for each additional rung.

Last Step: Finish the lashing by tying a clove hitch around each rail so that the clove hitch is directly under the bottom rung.

Lashing Level 5 Requirements:
1) Lash a 6 foot ladder using the technique described above.

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