Personal Cleanliness Lesson 2

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Read John chapter 13.

Once you have the body clean and as you continue to grow and mature, you will find the need to reduce, prevent or cover up unpleasant body odors caused by bacteria reacting with perspiration.  Deodorants are frequently associated with personal products that act against underarm odor.  Deodorants generally contain chemicals that stop the growth of bacteria.  Some deodorants called antiperspirants also reduce the amount of perspiration.  Deodorants and antiperspirants come in the form of creams, roll-on liquids or lotions, sticks or sprays.  Use deodorants after you take a shower/bath.  Deodorants are not to be used instead of taking a shower/bath.

As you approach becoming a teen, more changes will occur in your body, specifically facial hair and acne.  With the onset of facial hair comes the opportunity to shave.  There are two methods to shaving.  Whether you use a personal safety razor (like a disposable) and shaving cream or an electric shaver, the same result is achieved – a clean shaven face.  Both methods have positive and negative points to  consider.  You can cut yourself shaving using a safety razor and shaving cream though.  Using a safety razor and shaving cream  give you a very close smooth shave.  An electric razor is faster us use, but you may find that the electric razor feels as if it pulls the hair.  The choice is a personal one.

The other change in your body in your teens is acne.  Acne is a skin disorder that occurs most commonly among teenagers.  It consists of various kinds of blemishes, mainly on the face, upper chest and back.  Severe acne, if not controlled and cleaned, may result in permanent scarring.

Acne is triggered by the release of hormones that stimulate the oil glands in your skin.  These oil glands are found by the hair follicle.  If the pore opening of the hair follicle is plugged with dirt and bacterial, the oil builds up behind the blockage.  A blemish then appears.  Keeping your face washed regularly and frequently (twice a day) will help keep the oil from building up on your skin.  You may also want to look into using some acne creams and washes that contain mild non prescription medications.  These might include Clearisil, Noxzema, Stridex or other facial cleaners.

A balanced diet, enough sleep, exercise and regular washing are also good for your skin and general health.  Eating foods that are heavy in oils – potato chips, French fries, chocolate and the like – may also aggravate an acne problem.  The best way to deal with acne is to wash regularly.


Your Body: Level 2


  • After strenuous physical exercise
  • Each morning or evening (after puberty)
  • Before going out with friends


  • Use after shower
  • Use in the morning


  • Should be washed regularly
  • Should be kept to a neat and manageable length


  • Clean, no stains, at all times
  • Be the correct size for your body or a little larger
  • No holes in clothes
  • No underwear showing
  • Clothes do not smell
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