Service – Level 4

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Lead a Community Service Project

After all, brothers, you were called to freedom.  Only be careful that freedom does not become mere opportunity for your lower nature.  Rather, serve one another through love.  Galatians 5:13

One of the ways Lutheran Pioneers can service one another is by doing a service project.

The prior 3 Service levels have walked you through the process of participating in, helping to organize and organizing service projects.  You now have the skills to do it all.  This service project has to be more substantial than your Service 3 project and you need to take the lead on it from beginning with what you will be doing, getting approval from the Pioneer leaders, to forming your team.  Organization and team work will drive this project home.  You will be the leader, yes surround yourself with adults to help you but you need to take the lead.  All the steps in Service 3 will help you along your path to success.

Service – Level 4

  • Coordinate, plan and run a service project that helps an organization in your community.
  • The scope of the help needs to be defined before the start of the project.
  • This is to be a substantial project that should involve reaching out to the community for support.
  • Prior approval of the Pioneer leadership team is needed before any project is started.
  • A final report on what was collected, how much was collected, who was helped and the names of the people who helped is required for all projects.
  • A level 4 project will be substantially larger in scope and should make the biggest difference of any project.  Planning and coordination with outside news agencies, possibly involving radio publicity.
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