Shooting Lesson 2

Topic Progress:

Parts of a gun:

  1. – Muzzle – The muzzle is the business end of the gun. This is where the bullet or BB comes out of.
  2. – Barrel – The long tube between the muzzle and the action is the barrel. The barrel provides accuracy for the bullet or BB and allows you the user to aim the gun.
  3. – The Action / Breach – This is where the bullet or BB gets loaded into the gun.
  • – Stock – This is the part of the gun that rests up against your shoulder. When you are shooting you should never, ever move the stock off of your shoulder.
  • – Sights:

Iron sights – There are two iron sights on your gun, the front sight and the rear site. The front site is usually a red dot or ball near the end of the barrel just before the muzzle. The rear sight is usually a “U” shaped piece of metal.  To line up the gun one puts the dot of the front site into the “U” of the rear site and then put the dot on the target you are shooting at.

Scope – BB guns usually do not have scopes on them but must other guns do. They make lining up the gun easy as all you have to do is center the cross hairs that are inside the scope on your target and you are done.

  • – Magazines – This is where the bullets or BBs are stored on or in the gun.
  • – Safety – This is a mechanical device that prevents the gun from firing. The Safety can fail.

Range Rules:

“The Range Master is the authority at the range.” 1 – Muzzles must be pointing down range at all times

  • – No one touches a gun during a “cease fire”
  • – Actions must be and stay open the entire time of a “Cease Fire”
  • – Shoot only at your target.
  • – Load only 1 BB at a time
  • – No talking on the range except to the Range Master or another adult
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