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Steps to a Stain Glass Panel

Building a stain glass panel is the culmination of many small steps. We are going to walk you through those steps as they are outlined below. Cutting glass takes practice so therefore you should pick up some cutoffs or scrap from your glass supplier to practice on.

Purchase supplies: a glass cutter, solder, soldering iron, glass grinder

Steps to follow:

  • You will need to learn how to score and break glass along a score line
  • Select a simple pattern
  • Make 2 copies of the pattern
  • Decide on what color glass is going where in the pattern
  • – Purchase glass for the pattern, edging and a hanger (Will also need to purchase the foil )
  • Cut one of the patterns into the glass parts
  • Use the cut pattern as a template to mark the glass and number the glass to the pattern piece.
  • Score and cut the glass
  • Use a grinder to smooth and shape the cut glass to the exact pattern
  • Foil the edges of each piece
  • Brush on flux to the foil
  • Assemble the pieces onto the pattern
  • Tack sold the work together
  • Bead solder the work
  • Add the edging and hanger
  • Display your work.
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