Study of Nature Lesson 3

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Trees play a major part in the natural world. They provide food and shelter for animals. They provide shade from the heat of the sun.

You have learned in the Awareness of the Environment levels that there are 2 basic types of trees.

Now we will want you to identify 15 different deciduous trees and 10 different conifer trees. Using the questions below, you will build knowledge of how these trees fit in to and what part they play in the environment.

Keeping a calendar of trees that you see in your environment will help you determine the part the tree plays in nature:

  • When leaf buds appear.
  • When flower buds appear (if it is a flowering tree).
  • When its flowers bloom.
  • When the fruit ripens.
  • When do seeds appear.
  • When the seeds are mature.
  • When the leaves start to fall. (Some trees, such as pines, do not shed their leaves each year.)
  • What animals frequent the tree.
  • Are there nests in the tree.
  • What animal made the nest.

If you have a camera, you can take pictures of the trees at each stage.

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