Study of Nature Lesson 5

Topic Progress:

The study of nature is not the individual study of certain parts of nature but how do all these parts fit together. The questions asked in each part have helped you assemble the basic knowledge of the environment you have studied. Now that you have your list of plants, trees, birds and animals you will need to figure out how does each one relate to the other to provide an overall ecosystem that provides the food, water and shelter that each element needs to survive. You are to provide a plan as to how each element in your environment survives and flourishes and how it provides for the preservation of other elements in your ecosystem. The plan needs to use all the things you have identified as elements in you environment, why they are there, what do they provide, what do they take from the environment. Migratory animals affect your environment and so do hibernating animals, tell us how.

This plan will give you insight into how all the different parts of nature work together and then you can see how if one part is missing how this can affect other areas in nature.

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