There are two different ways to be a Lutheran Pioneer, depending on whether or not you are participating in a local group called a train. 

Method #1) - We strongly encourage congregations to host a Lutheran Pioneer Train complete with one or more dedicated leaders to help the boys, plan fun activities, and serve as mentors.  When that happens, the congregation is given a Train number.   (Keep in mind that if your congregation doesn't have a train, there might be another congregation close by that does. You can email us to find out.)  If you are participating with a local train, Boys, leaders and parents, should create a login id using that train number.  You will need to ask your leader what that train number is before signing up. When creating a User Id for the Lutheran Pioneer Website, it would be helpful at our end if the User Id began with the Train number. This is to ensure that you are assigned to the proper train so that Leaders of that Train can properly address the boys’ progress for the boys in that Train.  There are some examples of how to this below, and boys, leaders, and parents should use the appropriate "RED" button below.

Here are some examples of good User Id’s for Method #1

If part of Train 305  - 305mikey   or   305DavidM12                                If part of Train  49  - 49mikey   or   49DavidM12

Make sure that the only numbers in front of the first letter used, are the train number and nothing else.   In other words, if part of Train 3 – you would not use 305DavidM12, or we would assign to Train 305 incorrectly.

Method #2) - Some congregations simply don't have a train for various reasons.  Some boys live too far from the closest local train.  If a boy doesn't have a local train to be part of, he can still be a Lutheran Pioneer by being part of our "virtual" train, that we have named "Train 1000."  In this case, boys should use the BLUE button below, and the train number is not needed as part of the User Id.  Parents in this group should wait until after the boy has signed up, then create a parent login using the red parent button, and make sure to all of your boys' login ids when registering, so that we can assign them to your account.

Select the appropriate button below.